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DIGITAL ELECTRONICS - laboratory is intended to be an invitation for those who would like to start a career in the domain of digital integrated circuits.
Digital IC technology advances year by year at a rate which is unimaginable for other areas of technology. However the basic knowledge remains the same and lays the foundation for developing a career in the field of digital electronics engineering. After all, every digital system, no matter how complex is, it is built from logic gates and flip-flops...
A pre-request for the laboratory is the Digital electronics course.

DIGITAL ELECTRONICS - laboratory has two main objectives:

The first objective (the know-how of using oscilloscopes) is permanently pursued in all laboratory classes, even in the ones dedicated for studying FPGA based digital system implementation.
The second objective (FPGA implementation methodology) is pursued in laboratory classed from 4 to 7.

To ensure an efficient assimilation of the knowledge of these laboratory, the author recommends the following work methodology:

The author appreciates the involvement of the following students in the development of these laboratory classes:

The current book is a translation from Romanian of the book ELECTRONICA DIGITALA - Laborator, Editura Universitatii Transilvania din Brasov, 2009.

Kind appreciation to

for the English translation of the text.

The author appreciates any comments and suggestions on this guidebook.

January 2014.

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